Property Selling: Getting the price right

November 23rd, 2012 § 0

The most important part of the real estate selling process is the tag price. If you do not price your property home right, potential buyers will skip your listing. So how do you know that you have priced your property reasonably.

The buyers do not care so much about the memories about your home or how much you acquired it for. What is most important for them is if they can afford your house. The property may mean so much to you but remember you are selling your property and not the home you know.

Going on rate

You need to know what are the other houses in your area selling for before you can even put a tag price on your house. You can ask a professional to evaluate and price your house or you can also check out the other listings on websites. Look at other houses in your area with similar features and see how much they are selling for.


The property’s value depends greatly on its location. If you are near a beach or across an earthquake fault line will dictate much about the pricing of your house.

Market trends

You need to look at what is happening in the real estate market. Is the house you are selling for in a country hit by a financial crisis or is it in a place where properties are being put up every week. You need to know the demand for properties so you know if the buyer will bite the offer.


If your property has been on the market for sometime and it has not been sold, then you might want to re-think your pricing. You can try lowering your price and mention it on your listing as a big discount. Buyers love discounts. You can also add furniture to magnet more buyers.

Home style guide: Understanding contemporary architecture

September 20th, 2012 § 0

cottageContemporary architecture points to the building styles of today that make use of various influences.

It is a misconception to equate “modern” architecture to “contemporary” architecture. Modern architecture refers to the style used during the early thru mid-twentieth century that made use of clean lines and gave much importance to function. Over time though, the structures were found to be too cold so the designs evolved to become postmodernist, deconstructive, and to the contemporary style that we know today.

Key elements

  • Sustainable and natural components – Today’s design recognize the need to have natural elements so we are always in touch with nature. It is common to see granite countertops, bamboo floors, and even roofs covered with plants.
  • Natural light – Houses today make use of big skylights and windows to let the sun and moon light in.
  • Recycled, nontoxic materials – Anything that is composite is hot for structural designs today.


In terms of creature comforts, contemporary architecture has a lot of provisions. Much attention though is needed to make sure that the home is very efficient in using energy. The current trends may look nice and all but if not properly done, you may end up with a very high utility bill.


Our homes today are designed for having people around and entertaining them outdoors. The insides might be lavish but outdoor amenities too form a big chunk of the budget. Homes with outdoor kitchens, and outdoor rooms are ideal for casual entertaining. The outdoor is also a nice canvass to promote relaxation and harmony.

Ways to Attract Potential Buyers When Your House is in the Market

January 9th, 2009 § 0

When you have your home in the market you want to attract buyers to inquire about your property. Real estate agents can place your home on listings but if you will do the following, surely, the phone will be ringing:

Take a Photo of the Façade

Potential clients will be browsing the internet and search for homes that appear to fit their taste. An excellent picture of your home is a must. An ad without a photo will most likely be ignored cause it does not really give them anything.

Take a clear shot of the façade of your property and crop off streets or sidewalks before posting. You also don’t need an image of your car so clear your driveway before taking the picture. Make sure that you have sufficient lighting to get a crisp image.
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