Luxury Living: Tips for having an all-white space

February 7th, 2013 § 0

White-living-roomWhite spaces appear to be effortlessly clean, romantic, sleek, and very pristine. As plain as it maybe, the perfect white interior is quite hard to achieve.

Different kinds of white

What we see is white is not really just white. It is a whole array of colors with different effects that may depend on the lighting of the room and what furniture and decors you use in the space. There are cool whites that can have the undertone of green, blue, or gray. They can be dull or crisp. On the other side of the palette are the warm whites with tinges of beige, peach, or yellow.

The first decision you need to make is how to choose the right white for your room. You need to ask yourself what look you want to achieve. Are you planning to have a modern look with strong lines and very little clutter? If yes, go for the cool whites and go for furniture with very simple lines and smooth surfaces. You can also add metallic elements, glass, and mirrors to complete the look.

If you are planning to go for the romantic aspect of a white room, go for creamy, warm whites with natural textures and details like marble, wool, lace, and unglazed porcelain.

How to create a great white room

Making an excellent white room will depend on two main principles, texture and elements that will standout against the white background.

Plain white can be boring but your can make this scheme exciting by adding the right textures. You can add rich textures from wood, stone, and fibers like linen, cotton, or wool. You can also combine some sleek surfaces like mirror, high-gloss materials, and glasses.

Make sure that what you will put in the room will standout against the white surroundings. Pick the most striking artworks and accessories. Go or wood sculptures that you come across with during your travels or bold artworks that speak well about you.

If you are really going for white, remember that it also gets dirty quickly. Be prepared to keep your room spotless and that will involve washing the walls and cleaning your furniture regularly.

Custom building the luxury home of your dreams

March 9th, 2012 § 0

When your budget for building a home amounts to millions of dollars, you want It to be as perfect as it can be. It is different when you purchase an existing property, and you might be more satisfied when you customize every detail possible. Here are some tips if you are planning to build a luxury home:

Choosing the location and the builder

The most important factor when building a luxury home is its location. You need to think of a possible resell and the area must be attractive enough for potential luxury home buyers.

You may want to interview several builders and see how you will get along with the company. Choose someone who has a good personality that matches yours, someone who has confidence, and someone who has a good track record.

Calculating expenses

If you want to custom built a luxury home, you can expect the budget to go sky high. You need to create a budget and be sure that you cover the details. Discuss well with your builder how much you want to spend for the details that you want to put in. Make sure you have options that will satisfy your taste in case some plans do not work out budget wise.

Function and Protection

You should build a luxury home that is very functional. Aside from looking great, the house must be comfortable for your family, has enough space for entertaining people, and also eco-friendly. You also need to detail things that will make your property secure, thinking of potential threats and solutions to counter this so the whole family will always feel safe.

Looking at your options when buying a luxury property

November 18th, 2011 § 0

Are you looking to buy a luxury property? The choices are myriad. Read on to see our list of options for your bank account:

Mountain Home

When the days get too tiring, wouldn’t it be nice when you have a luxury home up the mountains surrounded by lush green? These properties come with big acreage. You may enjoy hiking trails around the area, keep some livestock, and of course enjoy the picturesque landscape. The house is often setup with a nice kitchen, saunas, great fireplaces, whirlpools and all the works to help you forget about the city and relax.

Equestrian Estate

If you have horses or plan to have horses, an equestrian estate will give you the big acreage you will need. You will have a nice space to build a comfortable home for your family but you will have enough space to build barns for your horses. You will also have enough space to build a track, training ground, and open fields where the animals can roam or graze.

Golf Community

When you take a golf community property, it will not be all about having the greens right out of your doorstep. It will be about access to the social events and exclusive clubs. The country club comes with world class dining, saps, salons, and other recreational facilities.

Lakefront Property

What you will get when you buy a lakefront property is privacy. The beautiful scenery comes with the seclusion and silence which can serve as a perfect retreat from your everyday busy life. A lot of these properties come with large decks, patios by the water, boat slip, heated pool, and outdoor kitchen.

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