How to Spend the $800 Billion: Let Us Count the Ways

January 23rd, 2009 § 0

president obamaSpending $800 billion as part of the fund to get the economy going is a daunting task. President-Elect Barack Obama wants to focus on infrastructures, cutting of taxes on the middle class, Medicaid, and invest on the expansion of renewable energy.

A lot are asking why not help those who are about to lose their homes on foreclosures?

The lawmakers are hoping to get the attention of the president-elect to get a big chunk of the rescue package to help people keep their homes.

Some government officials are drafting proposals on how to revamp the TARP and make it friendlier to people who are pushed against the wall with pending foreclosures. Congressed expressed their opinion that they will not be release more funds unless a big chunk of it will be earmarked for helping Americans keep their homes.

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Ways to Attract Potential Buyers When Your House is in the Market

January 9th, 2009 § 0

When you have your home in the market you want to attract buyers to inquire about your property. Real estate agents can place your home on listings but if you will do the following, surely, the phone will be ringing:

Take a Photo of the Façade

Potential clients will be browsing the internet and search for homes that appear to fit their taste. An excellent picture of your home is a must. An ad without a photo will most likely be ignored cause it does not really give them anything.

Take a clear shot of the façade of your property and crop off streets or sidewalks before posting. You also don’t need an image of your car so clear your driveway before taking the picture. Make sure that you have sufficient lighting to get a crisp image.
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