Home style guide: Understanding contemporary architecture

September 20th, 2012 § 0

cottageContemporary architecture points to the building styles of today that make use of various influences.

It is a misconception to equate “modern” architecture to “contemporary” architecture. Modern architecture refers to the style used during the early thru mid-twentieth century that made use of clean lines and gave much importance to function. Over time though, the structures were found to be too cold so the designs evolved to become postmodernist, deconstructive, and to the contemporary style that we know today.

Key elements

  • Sustainable and natural components – Today’s design recognize the need to have natural elements so we are always in touch with nature. It is common to see granite countertops, bamboo floors, and even roofs covered with plants.
  • Natural light – Houses today make use of big skylights and windows to let the sun and moon light in.
  • Recycled, nontoxic materials – Anything that is composite is hot for structural designs today.


In terms of creature comforts, contemporary architecture has a lot of provisions. Much attention though is needed to make sure that the home is very efficient in using energy. The current trends may look nice and all but if not properly done, you may end up with a very high utility bill.


Our homes today are designed for having people around and entertaining them outdoors. The insides might be lavish but outdoor amenities too form a big chunk of the budget. Homes with outdoor kitchens, and outdoor rooms are ideal for casual entertaining. The outdoor is also a nice canvass to promote relaxation and harmony.

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