Ways to Attract Potential Buyers When Your House is in the Market

January 9th, 2009 § 0

When you have your home in the market you want to attract buyers to inquire about your property. Real estate agents can place your home on listings but if you will do the following, surely, the phone will be ringing:

Take a Photo of the Façade

Potential clients will be browsing the internet and search for homes that appear to fit their taste. An excellent picture of your home is a must. An ad without a photo will most likely be ignored cause it does not really give them anything.

Take a clear shot of the façade of your property and crop off streets or sidewalks before posting. You also don’t need an image of your car so clear your driveway before taking the picture. Make sure that you have sufficient lighting to get a crisp image.

Showcase the Interiors

It will be nice to give them a preview of what to expect. Take photos of every room. Highlight the beautiful aspects of the interiors like flowers, artworks, fixtures, tiles, woodworks, etc. Clear away traces of pets, trash cans, and any unpleasant stuff.

Virtual Tours

Take advantage of the available technology and walk buyers from room to room and highlight the nice features that they might like. You can add professional descriptions when you do a video or have a set of photos of your home.

Open House

This welcomes everyone to see what you offer. Let as much people know about your house by placing signage, news paper adds, or by distributing flyers.

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